New Mexico Flying Sites

Click the dot on the map for more information

Green - open
Red - closed
Yellow - towing
Blue - proposed/exploration
Black - label to be determined

The best - but yet still in progress - site information example is the Sandia Crest. To access it off tthe map zoom in just NE of Albuquerque as the Crest icon is behind the "Peak" icon. Or you can get ther directly by clicking the direct link below the map.

Google Maps       

Drag the map with your mouse, or double-click to center.
Zoom in/out with +/- controls in upper left corner of map.
Mouseover push-pin to see site name, click on push-pin to see weather links.

Most popular sites around Albuquerque

Sandia Crest
Sandia Peak
Santa Fe - La Bajada
Belen - Blue Springs
Grants - Farley’s
Grants - La Jara
Dry Canyon,. Guads and other Alamogordo Sites

We are looking to add more sites to this map. If you are aware of any sites that can be listed here please email what ever info listed below you have to

Sites info spreadsheet

1. NAME: the name of the flying site that will appear on the map (keep it as short as possible)
2. LONGITUDE: decimal degrees for pushpin on map (example: -123.9616)
3. LATITUDE: decimal degrees for pushpin on map (example: 45.2061)
4. ZIPCODE: 5-digit zipcode nearest to flying site
5. WEBLINK: URL to site guide page for flying site (example:
6. USHPAINSURED: 0 means no, 1 means yes (default is 0)
7. COLOR: "green", "red", "yellow", "blue" or "black" (must be spelled correctly, any other values will be ignored)
8. STATUS: Anything you want up to 15 characters (the value you enter will be displayed verbatim on the map)

How to map link and coordinate data - HERE!

ALSO, we can have another map (or more). For instance, we can put all the towing locations on one map and also have another map for just proposed flying sites. We can create that if it becomes beneficial.

CREDITS !!! - This map would not be possible without Steve Roti of the Cascade Paragliding Club! Steve designed, created, and installed it for the SSA