SSA Weather Information


Additional (and sometimes more current) weather resources at Yahoo Groups under “links”


Wind Talker at Sandia Crest Launch (505) 243-8664

Flight Services Weather Brief (505) 243-7831

"The real time solar power tower weather data out on Kirtland"

Albuquerque 3 day weather

Albuquerque 6 hour winds aloft

Live Camera at Edgewood, New Mexico, looking toward the Sandias

Live Web-Cam at Paa-Ko, looking toward the Crest

Intellicast - Start here. This is the coolest winds map.

Weather Underground - updated to take you directly to the Southwest Wind Speed page – good for pressure systems and  for mining obscurata - A good forecast, plus a clickable map of NM - choose your site!

National Weather Service - - Updated to start you at the New Mexico map

NOAA Storm Prediction Center

IWIN - Clickable map plus Aviation Watches etc.

Sundance Aviation Weather