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Hang Gliding and Para Gliding Instructors Certified by USHGA

Hang Gliding Basics for Beginners - This link will give those not at all familiar with hang gliding an idea of some of the basics.  It does not replace actual instruction but does provide a good idea of what to expect.  Contact any of the instructors below for actual instruction.




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Learn to Hang Glide

High Desert Hang Gliding, operated by Mel Glantz, is the "go-to" hang gliding school in the Albuquerque area. Mel keeps a stable of training gliders so you can learn on a wing that's right for you. He also does initial training with a huge 330 square foot Condor, a glider that gets you off the ground at just over walking speed, so you can experience the feeling of true flight early in the process. (I wish I'd learned this way!)

Train with Mel using a simple pay-as-you-go approach. A single lesson is $199.

Mel (505) 710-8208



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Enchanted Air Paragliding School

Chuck Woods at Enchanted Air Paragliding provides USHPA certified instruction in Paragliding. Serving all of New Mexico and the Albuquerque area.

Our comprehensive instruction programs cover practical flying skills coupled with theoretical knowledge of aerodynamics, micro-meteorology, airmanship and flight laws for beginning to advanced student pilots.

Chuck Woods




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Rapture Air Paragliding LLC

Ever want to feel the freedom of free flight and your thinking about Paragliding? Or maybe you just want to get your blood pumping.... Either way, join us for the day and get your first Solo flight with-in an hour.
Also, we offer lessons to become your own Paragliding pilot. We also offer sales of Paragliders and equipment. For more info visit our web site at 

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T.Lee Kortsch




Other schools in the area

Mountain Flyers Paragliding School

Will Smith, a certified Paragliding instructor, conducts lessons in the Albuquerque area.

Have you ever dreamed of soaring like a bird? Well, stop dreaming and just do it! Let Mountain Flyers Paragliding School equip you with the skills to take your first steps into the air and experience the joy of flight. You're never too old to learn. We have introduced the sport to both men and women ages 8 to 71. Give us a call and reserve your first flight or get a gift certificate for that special someone.


See his site at: